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Located at Condobolin, Western NSW, Wrigley Cattle Co is owned and operated by Andrew and Natascha Wrigley alongside their children Charlie and Anika.

We recognise a profitable breeder operation must have cows that “every year get in calf, have a calf, get back in calf and the calf she raises lots of people must want to buy”.

This philosophy is the basis of our selection pressure at Wrigley Cattle Co. We are focused on breeding well balanced animals that perform well beyond breed average and add value right throughout the production system.

Over the last 30 years, the use of Breedplan and comprehensive data collection has enabled significant gains in our breeding fundamentals of calving ease, growth and carcass.

Today, the herd is fully performance recorded and genomic tested with strong emphasis on visual appraisal, fertility and indexes.

Our focus remains on accurate data collection to ensure our cattle excel not only on paper but beyond the farm gate.

We thank all our current and future clients and hope that you too may find value for your herd at Wrigley Cattle Co. 

In the late 80’s we began breeding commercial Angus cattle and quickly recognised we needed reasonable numbers of high quality, high performance bulls so the seed stock side of our business was born.

With the experience gained from our Angus operation, in 2005 we also began breeding Santa Gertrudis seed stock for

S. Kidman & Co. under contract. This gave us invaluable exposure to inseminating and performance recording large numbers of cows, selling between 300 to 400 bulls annually. The success we had in lifting key performance indicators within this herd spurred on our passion for producing high quality, functional cattle.

So, at the completion of the almost 10 year Kidman contract and the Wrigley family succession plan, our focus returned to Angus seed stock.

Today the stud is run in conjunction with a commercial Angus herd and broad acre cropping operation. We are also passionate cutting horse breeders and competitors. Wrigley Cattle Co offers friendly, approachable family service designed to build long haul relationships, always finding time to talk cattle.


Andrew Wrigley 

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